Friday, 1 January 2010

Email Madness !

I have just watched the corniest chick flick ever - The Holiday and dare I say it, I loved it! For the first time in I don't know how many years, I watched a movie so completely unrealistic about love and its many complications, featuring impossibly gorgeous people who by some flunk of circumstance had love lives equally as crappy as mine.

By the end of the movie, the fairytale had happened, everyone's problems had been resolved and surprise, surprise everyone was happily in love! Buoyed by spirit of optimistism I checked on my internet dating account and found this gem of an email (complete with spelling mistakes!) from well....I'll leave you to make up your mind about what type of guy the author is.

Happy New Year and nice to meet you (we have never acually met, this email was our first pointof contact). First and foremost your profile looks wow but having analysed your Perfect Match, could you please tell me a little bit on Education, Income and why and why not you beleie marriage is important/not necessary.

I admire the fact that you are educated to Degree level.Was it a 2:1 , 2:2 or 1st. Obviously from the look of you would you want me to guess?

Just a little bit of clarity about myself.I have been at university but did not fulfill the degree course. So I have taken a gap year out and hopefully will be returning in the next academic year. Before I proceed, let me hear a brief acknowledgement from you. Expect a wink in a bit. Stay sharp and positive



Once I had stopped laughing at the sheer deluded arrogance of the man, I find a few choice jolly words of my own to describe him, the phrase self important judgemental prick came to mind quite quickly!

What is so hysterical about his email to me is most definitely the probing tone and the expectation of a prompt response from me 'thrilled' at receiving his email, by way of a online wink!

This guy clearly thinks he's such great catch and just wants to check that I match his requirements? Forgive me, but since when did my degree grade and income play any part in my desirability as a date?

Maybe they might be relevant if this idiot was a divorced high-earner supporting multi ex-wives and children or millionaire, but this is coming from guy who is a self proclaimed university dropout, looks like the back of a bus and whose own online profile has next to nothing by way of information about him on it!

Looks like 2010 is going just as much fun as 2009 on the dating front ! Bring it on!

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