Friday, 8 January 2010

Persistence Pays Off !

After a particularly trying day back in the office with HWMBO breathing down my neck and TP leaving (I am going to miss her withering looks and teasing of N!), I thought a quick Facebook catch up was in order and I am so glad I did.

Among my various friend updates was news from L. You know how we all have that one loopier than loopy friend. You know the one I mean. Always up for anything. Always super enthusiastic about life and love and all the more endearing for it. Couple this with a heart of gold and a car crash lovelife and that's L all over.

Well that was L's lot until now. If you think I'm a disaster when it comes to love, L surpassed me by miles. Her dating disasters spanned years, were numerous and even included making the world's most clumsy lunge/pass at Tigger (see The Wonderful Thing About Tigger, May 2009).

Through all of her date trials though L remained largely positive. I'm not saying she didn't have her Miss Havisham days, spent in bed, eating and watching dodgy roomcoms; but overall she was a real trouper and a very persistent little minx at that!

After two and a half years of consistently showing and telling her 'beautiful boy' housemate (who initially responded to her efforts by continuing to date everyone other than her !) how perfect she was for him, he is now her fiancee.

I couldn't be happier for her as she is a real gem who truly deserves to have the fairytale happy ever after. The fact that it's happened like a bad roomcom script has made it all the more amusing.

After the last few weeks spent 'decluttering' my home and life, setting myself targets for the year, her success has 'inspired' me to continue to believe in that all elusive special someone. He may have to wait around while I sort out a few more pressing things, but I'm sure when I least expect it he'll pop up....and no, he won't be my housemate !!!

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