Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tagged and Mad

So remember how I've been singing the praises of Facebook, well right about now I am seriously reconsidering my opinion. On three of my daily Facebook updates was the cheery note that I had been tagged in someone's photo album.

Oh I hear you sigh. Exactly we've all had the moment when a friend or associate has felt it is a great idea to put our photo in some album they've created, complete with name tag, so everyone knows its you!

In this case those pictures actually resemble a pint size fat gummy bear. You know the deal, your chest looks like its big enough to feed a nation and when you can bear to look at your face and your smile, all you can see is lots of gum and some very small teeth!

Whichever way you look at it, these are not the type of images you want of yorself floating around the internet. To find they've been posted by one of your best friends is particularly annoying and just a little cruel. Why would a 'friend' knowing your flaws want to expose them so publicly?

My response to S, who surprisingly isn't picking up his phone was the following text.

"Darling, I loved your Christmas presents, but I hate those pictures. Please take them down. Now!". Hopefully he'll respect my wishes and my privacy and does the right thing I maybe Little Miss Open book, but some things or pictures should remain undercover !

I'm hacked off on two levels about the situation. First about the Facebook album function which basically leaves the taggee at the mercy of the album creator. There's no option for the person's who been tagged to reject the picture and say they don't want it published. I know you can untag pictures, but that's not the point!

Secondly, I'm annoyed by the double standards of S. Only this weekend over a particularly lovely roast dinner, he told me he had pleaded with a friend not to publish a dodgy picture of him online.

Guess what - she didn't! She is clearly someone who listened first and then decided that it wasn't worth upsetting a friend over. Let's see if S is as bright as she was!

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