Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year ! New Man!

We are just three days into the New Year and this diva is not letting the grass grow under her kitten heels. Today I have decluttered the house, following steam cleaning the carpets yesterday - a rarity, but an unexpected pleasure releasing all that nasty engrained grime from my sexy shagpile!

And, (as if you didn't expect it), I have a date tomorrow. Now calm yourselves, I haven't taken leave of my senses and and decided that the prick G who sent me that condescending e-mail (see Email Madness entry) is 'The One', no this man is brand new!

Having learnt my lesson about the perils of locking horns with unreliable, fickle young boys, I am happy to say that SS aka 'Sexy Smile', is a grown up 40. He is 6ft, has no children and describes himself as normal, solvent and looking for a normal woman without issues.

Maybe I'm too fabulous for him.....but you never know !!

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