Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Night At The Museum

If there's one bugbear I have as a serial dater, it's dates who are late. As I stand there waiting for them, I am often gripped by that teenage moment, where the boy or girl you liked said they'd meet you outside the cinema and they never showed up.

KL was 15 minutes late, having proceeded to our final destination without me and was completely unapologetic. Five minutes later, we discovered the exhibit we had come to see had been 'cancelled' and which meant we were 'forced' to go and see the dinosaurs.

Ordinarily this would a great date - I may be fashionably fabulous, but I also have to admit I'm a big kid when it comes to dinosaurs. When I was a kid the Natural History Museum was one of my favourite places to visit.

I enjoyed myself but he didn't and made no attempt to hide his boredom, so we went to the pub. Two drinks later and I was ready to call it a night. He was so serious and uptight, it was obvious I was just a bit to lively for him.

Outside the pub we said goodbye. We exchanged chaste pecks and then hugged. I thought that was it, until he suprised me with a second hug, then an unwelcome intruder into proceedings - his tongue!

I adopted the defensive mode, locked pout which ended his advances, but not before I had been subjected to the very worst case of bad breath I have ever had the misfortunate of being party to. He took the hint, released me and then said he'd call.

Why? Oh why do the guys that want to call me always have issues? I mean what is the correct way to tell a guy, "You're hot but your breath stinks?"

When I spoke to G, she said "Just tell the bugger that he's a nice enough bloke, but his breath stinks!". Honest, yes. But just a little too harsh in its content and proposed delivery for my liking! It's all very well being disappointed. But there's no need to be rude!

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