Saturday, 2 January 2010

How To Tell Someone To Get Lost !

A few of you have asked what happened with DG. Well in a word nothing....after successfully mounting a second disappearing act, as of today DG and I still haven't spoken.

Things are a little different this time, because I have taken charge and ended things permanently in that annoying polite way that men hate, but are secretly relieved by - via email. My efforts are below:

Dear DG

Happy New Year and thanks.......for disappearing do that so well...I get the hint we're not talking again! The difference is this time I am making it permanent. Just for the record the way you have behaved toward me has been like a (and these are your words, not mine) complete twat!

Disappearing the first time was silly, but doing it a second time is totally not cool. Not even a response to a Happy New Year text.? Pathetic, I'd expect that type of behaviour from a boy not a smart, articulate grown man with a child. If you had any doubts or issues about me all you had to do was to have a conversation with me.

I've tried to meet with you face to face several times, because I don't think you can actually judge someone from talking on the phone and texting. You need to make the effort to spend time with them a few times, then decide.

Each time there's been an excuse or a let's do it another time from you. If you couldn't be bothered to make the effort, if you'd changed your mind or met someone else you really liked closer to home; again a conversation would have dealt with things, instead of turning a really simple situation into something unpleasant.

The last time we spoke, I asked you what was up with you, as you'd been distracted for the last few days and did you want to tell me anything? You told me everything was fine and you'd see me at the weekend and call me the next day.

Since then nothing.....which in my book makes you a bit of a coward - what did you expect me to do, if you had talked to me? Yell at you - not my style and very childish. I prefer to listen.

All of the above makes you a very special piece of work DG. I actually thought that you were a genuine, good guy, slightly off wall humour wise maybe, but ultimately one of the good guys. Instead I find you are just another dishonest player ......and you know what that isn't a compliment. I prefer to be upfront with people and be honest with them about what's on my mind.

Thanks for making the beginning of 2010 so completely memorable for me! You should be very, very proud of yourself.

I don't hold grudges, so I wish you well in 2010 and with which ever lady you end up with, but I am really disappointed in you. I expected better from you and even if things didn't work out, to at least be able to call you a friend. My mistake.


While a diva may make the mistake of giving someone a second chance, where it is not truly earned, she never forgets to end things permanently with style and class and on above all - on her terms.

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