Monday, 7 February 2011

Broadband Woes !

So writing or should I say posting on the blog has been a real pain since Friday. My broadband has been down all weekend, which to a media junkie like me is liked being cut off from your daily dose of happy juice!

When I called the the emergency number I was told to go online for further assistance, which was of course impossible as my broadband was down!

Irritated? Yes I was! BT sort your customer service out with a degree of commonsense pretty please.

Thank God for my smartphone! I missed out on twittering about kerry katona's impression of a fake tanned orange on skates (yes, she was actually the shade of orange teak wood!)

It was so bad that she clashed with her bright baby doll outfit!) but oh how made me laugh out loud.

This week's going to be a big one as my boss is away getting married, but no one knows except me and my team.

There's clearly something in the air among my male friends this year, as this is the second 'secret wedding' I've been party to.

MF got married in secret at Christmas too. It was so secret that he only confirmed it, when I hurled in the bin. For the record, I am referring to when I was sick recently. I wasn't just over excited!.

It was I think his attempt to take my mind off feeling pants.

I told you he was real gentleman.

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