Saturday, 5 February 2011

The One In Paris

Sitting in the Premier lounge for the Eurostar train in Paris, I felt happy and spoilt. That luxurious sense of how the other half lives is certainly a feeling that left me feeling lucky!

I gave a two hour systems training session (unbeliveably everyone including me remained awake!), went to lunch at a particularly gorgeous restaurant and then in the Eurostar lounge, bumped sraight into a former colleague AH. We remincensed about old times. Things had changed so much since we last met.

The whole of my old department are either married, engaged or have children. In AH's department he's the only single one left and is now moving to Amsterdam with work and hopefully new chances of love.

It was heartening to hear all the news about everyone, particularly those long-term singletons who had finally found happiness after giving up all hope.

Desperate LM who threw herself at anyone (including famously, Tigger when LM was hammered at the annual conference and Tigger was just terrified!) is now married and has just had a baby.

Fussy F who rejected all comers especially the ultimate player - IT serial shagger (who persisted pursing F, the whole time I worked there), has just moved in with a long term friend who she always said no to, but ended up being her Prince Charming.

Even commitment phobic Mr Italy has finally moved in with his girlfriend - it only took him seven years !

Just me and AH left now. Ho hum !

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