Friday, 11 February 2011

Holding Good Thoughts

I woke up knowing the day would be a good and bad one. Good because LL had an interview, which I was convinced she'd get and sad because MF was leaving. I texted LL some BB encouragement.

'I am holding good thoughts for you as the job is yours to claim. Believe that. Do your best and that will be enough', and then knuckled down to a full on day at work.

At the end of the day I hugged it out with MF and surprisingly for me, managed not to cry. What better way to turn my sad face to a smiley face was there than dinner with LL.

Since LL left the agency, she's really come into her own again. She's been travelling, is helping out at a local charity and has faced up to and dealt with some issues which she previously ran from.

She's never complained or given in to sad thoughts or turned into a moaning dream killer. She's just handled her business with dignity, grace and wisdom.

When I arrived at Camden, I was hot, harassed,sweaty and still a little blue about MF leaving. I made my way to the Tube entrance in mole fashion (even with contacts I had the eyesight of a nearly blind bat!) and would have walked straight past her, if she hadn't have yelled my name at loudly and greeted me with a massive bear hug.

"I got the job !", she shrieked excitedly.

We hugged again and jumped up and down like two excited kids, then headed off for our meal to catch up propertly.

I can't tell you what we talked about because it was really private. What I can say is, I left the company of my funny, headstrong, courageous and wildly impulsive friend, feeling happy, fortunate and inspired by her.

This is your year LL !

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