Tuesday, 8 February 2011

It's That Time Of Year Again !

We have reached my non-favourite week of the year(well actually it probably ties with the run up to Christmas), the week leading up to Valentine's Day.

My relationship with Valentine's Day is about as dysfunctional and random as my dating history. I have never had a good Valentine's Day.

At school my super-size afro, national health glasses and puppy fat awkwardness, meant that I was as popular with boys, as a bout of chicken pox.

At college, the weight thankfully slowly fell off, but the awkwardness remained.

My conversations with boys, were usually punctuated with "ums", "really", "huh's" and very nervous laughter. Combined with my eclectic dress sense, which would have scared even the bravest fashionista.

Yes all of those vital BB elements, mixed in with the nervous energy of a Jack Russell, yapping furiously at the ankles of another much bigger dog, and it was no wonder no one was beating their way to my door.

Now as a grown up and having experienced quite a few lovelorn Valentine's Day, I have finally accepted that it's just not my day!

Even when I'm with someone, so my last 'coupled' Valentine's was with Mr Scotland, who's lastminute.com attempt at romance - flowers, which arrived half crushed via box courier, just as I was leaving an all nighter at work.

Unfortunately MS's offering, was overshadowed by flowers I'd received from the senior management team, for organising a 'team bonding' get together for them, that had arrived that morning.

Having acknowledged that very blunt hint, from the universe, that has been screaming so loudly at me, to abandon all expectations of any Valentine miracle,I have decided to use this week to treat myself.

Today is all about - Underwear Shopping !

Despite the fact that I currently don't have someone to "Dita Von Teese" my underwear at, it doesn't stop me spending quite a lot, on the sexiest part of my wardrobe.

For my male readers, I have to say if you are going to go underwear shopping for your other half, please buy it in the right size.

Make sure the lingerie you buy her is, just right side of cheeky, not tarty and that your special lady will actually want to wear it Here are my tips to getting it right!

Whether she's your wife or girlfriend, you should know her bra and brief size. Trust me, we always know all your measurements from top to bottom !!

To avoid the inevitable "she's about your size" moment, with the saleswoman in the lingerie department, check your w or gf's underwear drawer, or if you're a rubbish liar (which you may think is bad, but we women always think is good!)you can always hit the laundry basket (sly, but effective!)while she's not around and check her labels that way.

Red underwear underwear isn't classy. In fact it is rarely a good thing. In fact, and telling you totally like it is; it wouldn't be at the top of most women's list of lingerie must haves!!

Go for sheer black (practical but sexy!), black lace (totally sexy!) burgundy, naughty navy, emerald green and gorgeous greys.

If you are buying a full underwear set, buy her stockings and flowers too! Showing that level of thoughtfulness, I guarantee you, will land you some pretty big brownie points.

If you're really stumped, play the 'I love that shop' game - you tell her two shops you'd love to receive a gift from and ask her what hers are - again kinda shady - but trust me she'll love the fact that you've put some thought into her gift.

Although you may think that Valentine's Day is a jackpot day for greetings card industry, but for the less romantic of you, just for once make the effort and show your other half that you care !

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