Thursday, 10 February 2011

Finding Peace and Winning Hearts

Today Is All About - Knowing Where You Are and Not Spending A Fortune!

There are two things that hit premium price on Valentine's Day - restaurants and flowers.

Overnight it seems roses quadruple in price and even that little dingy looking Italian down the street from you, has suddenly doubled its prices, for granting you the privilege of not having to cook a meal for your loved one.

RA has been dating her rugby playing fireman for two weeks and his casual mention of the days that he can see her next week (Monday and Wednesday) has caused a ripple of terror in her.

"I said Wednesday. I just don't want to put pressure on us, after all its only been a few weeks now", she said

"I wouldn't worry about it too much cherub, despite the fact that you can't seem to walk past a window display without seeing a window display at the minute, he's probably one of those guys who'll won't be bothered by it. You know you'll probably get one of the mid-afternoon Happy Valentine's text", I replied.

"I hope so. It's just too soon to start worrying about buying cards and stuff, we've only been together for two weeks!", she said looking a little worried.

If you can't face queuing to try and get into a crappy restaurant or buying the last bunch of flowers from the garage, or like me you are going to be single on the big day how about trying these little gems:

Take a drive or walk When's the last time you had a proper talk with your other half? Not one of those minimum 'how was your day moments? ', a proper chat. It doesn't have to change the world.

It can can be about anything, but if it engages you and hopefully also puts a smile on your face, then hey it was worth it right?

Oh and before I forget take a map or at the very least know where you are going, particularly if you have a crap sense of direction like me.

Slip card or love note into your loved ones' work bag, briefcase or even lunch box. They won't be expecting it and it should put a smile on their face.

You don't have to be super sloppy, just tell them you appreciate them today and every other day. If you're single send a non-Valentine card to a friend you know is going through a tough time or hell why not just call them up and catch up?

This one is the big gun I always bring out of my love arsenal. It never fails. Cook together. It's fun and it can be pretty sexy too, depending on what you are cooking and wearing !!

Pick a a recipe you both like, divide up the ingredients so you both do the shopping and buy a little naughty extra like her favourite ice cream or chocolates. Agree to get home early and cook together, before settling down to a few glasses of wine and 'the treat'!

Wow! I think I've just rediscovered my romantic side!

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