Tuesday, 22 February 2011

When Do You Move from Date to Girlfriend or Boyfriend ?

So things have been gently sizzling between B and her delightful beau.

She was comfortable enjoying that nice honeymoon stage, that you get a crunchy stomach when you talk to them, you both fancy the pants off each other and have yet to witness the slightly more dodgy bits of your personalities and habits.

Just short of their nearly three week anniversary, her new beau texted her while on a night out with the boys.

"My mate wants to know if you're my new girlfriend. What shall I tell him?"

There were two obvious ways to go with this one. If it were me I would have said

"That's up to you cherub",

thereby bouncing that particular dilemma right back into said beau's court. Requiring him to think on his feet and potentially commit to something earlier than he wanted (arr.... we women can be so conniving!).

Or, giving him the opportunity to tie himself up in knots trying to remove himself from a situation he never wanted to place himself in, in the first place.

A little bit of romantic mischief never hurt anyone did it?

Or you could elect pathway two which is the gentle enquiring one adopted by B.

"Umm you're getting there slowly -x-"

We frequently have a go at men for not being straight with us about where we stand, but just like them sometimes extreme caution sweeps over us and we find ourselves saying one thing, while still being confused the another !

B has been single awhile, so its quite sweet that now she's found someone, she is trying her best not to be carried away with the joy of finding someone you actually like, who likes you back.

Who said the love game is an easy one to play !

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