Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Treats !!!

No I haven't changed my mind about Valentine's Day, but I did get some unexpected feedback. To the lovely gentleman who emailed me to say his wife was definitely going to get an unexpectedly good Valentine's Day present because of the blog yesterday.

Sir, thank you for your kind words and reconsidering your potential present for your wife. Also, I can guarantee, bearing in mind your unusual previous gifts to her(gardening shears?), your wife will more than grateful!

In the spirit of this success I have decided to continue to help out those men, who really want to go all out on Valentine's Day.

Today is all about - Make-Up

There have been many days in my life when I wished I was a guy (in toilets, on dates, during break-ups and when it comes to any pay rise negotiations! ) however, each morning when I enter the bathroom and see the wreck that stares back at me, I am thankful both for being a woman and access to the miracle that is make-up !

At lunchtime, I picked up my favourite Revlon Colour Stay foundation which gives me my "face the world skin"...because trust me the world is not ready to see this Diva eau naturale!

For every guy that says he likes his woman when she is wearing no make-up, I am going to break the earth-shatteirng news to you, that the natural look is even harder to achieve than the made up one !

Valentine's Day make-up as a gift is one of those unexpected pleasures a woman loves to receive. If you want to get it right, pay attention please.

Foundation and coverstick- way too complicated for me to go into - leave that to your other half !

Red lipstick - is not for everyone ! Blondes and brunettes - check. Everyone else try a wine or burgundy for a truly flattering lipcolour.

Eyeshadow - or as I like to call them the 'transformer' piece of make-up - moss greens, greys, browns and golds are pretty safe bets for everyone. If you get stuck, grab a saleswoman and make sure you tell her your gf or p's eye and hair colour.

Mascara - Budget best seller is Maybelline's Great Lash (pink bottle, green top or all pink bottle). If you want to push the boat out Christian Dior, Diorshow is about as sexy as they come !

If the thought of make-up leaves you cold then how about booking a make-up lesson or buying a make-up bag.

Size really is everything ! So make sure it is roomy enough for the essentials, but not so big that she can't help but over fill it !

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