Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Payback At The Gym !

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LMM was definitely back on form since our last meeting. She has been distracted from her men troubles by a troublesome tenant. Her flat was let via a letting agency to unfortunately, a con artist. He paid a one month's rent, one month's deposit up front and nothing since....its now been four months and he hasn't paid her a dime.

The law of course is an ass, because in the UK courts, if someone squats in your property, you can't remove them without obtaining a court order first for repossession of your own property...which is in a word crazy !

"I managed to get a court date, but until I get the actual repossession order sorted ,this guy is crippling me moneywise. Look at me! I'm so poor, I can't even afford to get my weave done. I'm like Beyonce without the hair - Defabulous!. How can I be my usual Superhero self without my hair!", moaned LMM.

The fact that LMM is like a pint-size Naomi Campbell in body and hair usually, but without her luscious locks now resembles a high school student, made me laugh. A lot.

I thought would make her laugh, but it didn't. I didn't realise how unfunny she thought it was, until she paid me back big time, when we were at the gym last night.

In a bid to shake my routine up, instead of my rather modest setting on the cross trainer. I set it to quick start. For the first fifteen minutes I was fine.

Then I hit 20 minutes and I kid you not, I felt like I was on the brink of heart failure. I struggled on, wondering how I had suddenly got so unfit and wishing I had eaten less at lunchtime.

Five minutes later, I was rescued by a laughing LMM. She helpfully pointed out that while I had my eyes closed trying to 'push through' the pain, (still pedalling in that frenzied way you do when you are trying finish a circuit in the gym), she had cheekily turned up cross training setting, from a reasonable 8 level to super human 18!

No wonder I needed emergency water supplies and a lie down at the end of my gym session!

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