Thursday, 24 February 2011

Nosey Diva

Linked In is the new way to check up on your ex, if you are a nosey little Diva like moi.

I am not ashamed to say that today I checked out Mr Scotland. He remains a rare highpoint of my dating career, as with him, I finally cracked 'the leaving someone you don't love anymore', can be surprisingly easy moment.

The inability to say when you are hacked off with somebody, can make or break even the best relationships. Unbelievably MS is now Head of Communications for a global financial institution.

It's great in the sense that I am pleased his ambitions were realised (he really is an exceptionally gifted guy), but also so ironic.

The primary reason we broke up - aside from money - he earned loads, I didn't. He loved his Mum more than his car, blackberry, swanky house and any other woman (including yours truly) in the entire universe; was his complete inability to communicate (in the last year of our relationship anyway!), without being a bit of a tool.

When he did communicate it was pithy, bite back cheap comments, that you would have expected from a dumped schoolboy, which was kind of what he looked like, before I sorted out his wardrobe.

When you are faced with a communication lockdown like ours, the only thing you can do is bail. My man communication tools are working reasonably ok at the moment.

I have a second date with the Frenchman on Sunday, but I'm in two minds about him. He is my usual smart, funny mix but he is also extremely rude. Rude in the sense that he has no censor check on himself.

When we went to dinner last week (yes another secret date from me, because I don't want to bore you or my friends with a series of one date wonder tales - which is pretty much the playground of love I've been in since January), he couldn't help but insult the waitress, apparently because he thought it was funny.

She was leaning in to pour the water for our table, when her more than ample chest, grazed him arm, while threatening to spill out of her top.

"Now that's what I call a starter!" said TF leering and smirking directly at the unfortunate waitress's chest.

She of course heard what he said, put down the water jug, turned bright red then headed back to the kitchen shaking her head.

When our starter finally arrived, 'Red' had been replaced by a rather gruff looking man who smiled broadly at me and scrowled hard at TF.

I found the whole thing juvenile and spiteful. There was absolutely no need for that comment.

Depending on his behaviour on Sunday, I'm going decide whether he's worth 'keeping' around or not.

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