Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Well it's here once again - Valentine's Day !

That time of the year treasured by expectant women and feared by freaked out men, who have realised just how important it is to their partner and how little they have done about it.

If like me you are a singleton, there is no better reminder than the day of love, to crystalise one's single status and make you want to do something about it.

I'm pretty chilled by my standards. I knew it would be a non-day and it has been. The only bit of heart-stopping action I received, is that I may have left my purse at home....well it's not in my bag, so I blooming well hope it is !

I thought I was the ultimate Valentine's hater, until I witnessed my colleagues Tand K's take on all things Valentine.

K arrived looking super slick, in a black rollneck, black slacks and a sexy new power bob. We all thought she'd made the effort for a romantic Valentine's evening.

Instead she declared that she had firmly left strict instructions for her boyfriend not "to buy flowers, as they die!".

It took her until just after lunch, to concede that buying a card for her boyfriend, might be a nice gesture.

While K slipped out to buy a belated card for her long-suffering honey, T said she wasn't going to bother.

Just two short hours later, T received two dozen roses from hubby. Her response

"I suppose I'll have to him buy a card now" .

Sometimes the universe plays tricks on its inhabitants and for no rhyme or reason gives things to people who really don't appreciate them.

In the past I would have been down-hearted, but I think I may re-discovered the true spirit of Valentine's curtsey of S's niece.

Her niece was visited at the weekend by an admirer, (who came with his mum), a Valentine card and a gift for S's niece. The cute bit of the story is that both the niece and the admirer are 11 !

Yep he may be 11, but even he knew that turning up el solo on his bike, just wouldn't have had the same effect.

After her Valentine beau had left, S's niece pleaded with everyone in the room to "stop looking" at her and went bright red.

Very 'Love Actually' and proof that you're never too young or too old for a little bit of romance !

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