Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Love Hangover !

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So how was your Valentine's Day? Mine was quiet. One movie (Mildred Pearce with Joan Crawford at her dreadful best), one chilli con carne, followed by strawberry cheesecake ice cream, one sofa and me in a mega comfortable pair of pjs.

S did his Valentine 101 text check, to make sure I hadn't hit pity street.

"An old movie . I hope it's not Pretty Woman again ! Ice cream sounds yummy! To be fair BB, a date on Valentines' tends to go wrong !"

He was of course right, there's nothing like a day of love to throw a spanner in the works of a budding romance.

B was horrified, to find that her new beau (the fireman, sigh!) had the foresight to hand deliver a Valentine's card to her home, after seeing her for a mere two weeks.

While most sane women would have be delighted, because its pretty obvious he likes her, B was so freaked out by his gesture she got her flatmate to open the card.

While B was freaking out, D was having a real case of the Valentine Blues.

I asked her what was wrong. She replied.

"Why are all men so rubbish?"

Many moons ago, I remember coming to pretty much the same conclusion as her. That is, until experience and a reality check about myself (yes I can be a dating jackarse too!) taught me, that you can't be dismissive of the whole of mankind.

A lot of the time 'being rubbish' works both ways - yep, we ladies mess up too!

Her denouncement got the whole table involved in one of our impromptu debates.

"Do you want to tell us about it? " said M, who combines earnest enthusiasm, with the face of cherubic boy scout who ants in his pants.

"Well I last talked to him on Friday and well I thought he would at least text me"

"How long have you been seeing him?"
chipped in N, MF's replacement, who is still getting used to us, but has shown flashes of black humour which I know will definitely keep us all amused.

"A week" D replied proudly.

"A week !" we all chorused.

"Cherub, I hate to rain on your hearts and flowers parade, but a week is way too early to expect a big Valentine's moment from Mr Man".

It's way too soon and trust me if he did something you'd probably think he was too keen"
I said trying to be sympathetic.

"Sorry D, but I agree with BB. He can't read your mind. Another thing you have to remember about us men, is that we don't think about things like texting you when you want us to or Valentine's Day, we just problem solvers!" said N.

D smirked, as she switched her laptop off

"Thanks for the counselling session guys!"

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