Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Coffee, The Make-up Counter and the Dress

It's fair to say that when C and I get together we aren't quiet. Our conversation is a mix of stories, loud laughter, large dollops of gossip and mischief galore!

Way too much it seems for the nerd who told me off in Pret Manager.

"I can barely hear myself speak, can you just tone it down and shut up!"

As C had been doing the most laughing and the nerd had directed his fury at me, I let him have it.

"I wasn't making any noise actually, so don't yell at me and you might want to think about your tone it's very rude!".

His friend nodded in agreement, looking at me sympathetically and tried to get him to shut up.

"I don't care who's fault it is, just shut up". He replied raising his voice further.

"If anyone needs to shut up it's you sour puss".

Before he could stammer a reply, we apologised to the elderly couple sat beside us, who said that we had been fine and left, not before I had shot the nerd a withering diva putdown look and swished my weave. He could just sod right off !

Next stop was the MAC counter, where C was served by an assistant who had trawled her foundation on so heavily, that you could see a tidemark on her top and the difference in colour between her face and neck.

Clearly, she missed the blending lesson at beauty school.

Having plastered a sample on C, I had to intervene to avoid foundation overload.

"She needs the foundation in light to mid coverage, with warm orange tones, not yellow as they make her look grey". I said helpfully.

She ignored me completely, proceeded to put on the yellow beige tone and looked pissed off, when C told her it was "Horrible". Job done!

We hit the shoes, were I found the most gorgeous aqua blue cross front sandals, with a zip in the back, which were of course in small feet size only!

C is a designer princess who thinks high street fashion should be avoided at all costs. She spends money like water and then wonders where its all gone!

For fun I lured her into H&M. As I pointed clothes out, she confessed that she'd just brought a Roberto Cavalli dress.

"You did what !" I said.

"It's an investment!" she sniffed before telling me that it cost one month's mortgage payment.

"You're not keeping it" I said firmly.

"I'll think about sending it back" She winked cheekily at me.

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