Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dateless Sticky Moment 101

I asked N to come to the Movember party with me tomorrow, in the hope of mischief, entertainment and a lot of laughter in a room full of moustache adorned men. Unfortunately, she's off to a concert with her sister, but she did helpfully suggest I go to Movember party with I.

No amount of hissed "He's busy already ", from me, could stop her offering me up as a minus 1, in need of a plus. He was of course busy (with his girlfriend no doubt) is just about every other fun man I know within a 50 mile radius.

Poor D was the next unwilling potential escort and though under pressure, managed to respond...."I'm doing something with a friend", while staring intently at his laptop.

Bless him! He is one of those guys who never actually talks directly to me, unless he wants something. The idea of connecting socially with me was clearly too much for him to stand, even with other company.

I officially hate midweek parties, where going with boy with a moustache is necessary......oh dear how wrong that sounds !

Meanwhile back in the real world. JO is loving being a mommy to be, but hating morning or actually for her - all day nausea!

N invited me to spend Christmas with her and the Christmas orphans (any lone Australians, South Africans or haters of Chrismas like me!)

The plan is to eat until we're sick, then watch chick flicks and really dodgy TV - I may just be a Christmas convert after all !

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