Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What Women Want !

In the course of dating what seems like half of London (well that's includes all of my dates who couldn't be bothered to show up!), it has become apparent that women's expectations of dating are on a whole different level compared to some men.

I checked my dating inbox, first up was Mr Dad ( not an issue for me, most of the guys I'm looking at will already have kids, be divorced or just have baggage), 50 (big issue - way, way too old for a firecracker like moi !) , from Crawley (I'll let that slide!), had sent me 3 emails.

The first entitled 'Your bum' - took me by surprise, as he ran through the A-Z of all the good points of my profile picture (it is just a head and shoulders shot!) and then added that we'd be perfect together !

Looking at his profile album (15 pictures of him in various gurning poses!), I beg to differ !

Email two from Mr D, suggested that I could contact him via his three personal emails and his mobile number which he helpfully provided so it was 'convenient for me'!. Email three was Mr D's compatibility quiz. Surprisingly enough I didn't respond the trio of correspondence from Mr D.

I shifted through some other possibles. Included was a response from one of those faceless profiles that lazy men love so much online. By lazy I mean the men that can't be bothered to fill in their profiles past the most basic profile information.

To me a man who actually states that he couldn't upload a picture, instantly hits my radar as being non-technical and someone to be treated with caution. Despite me explicitly stating on my profile - 'no picture, no response'- faceless men keep tracking, winking at and sending me emails. Why ? Why waste their time and mine?

Regardless of what dating men think, a faceless profile is always greeted by women with suspicion for the following reasons:

1) You are probably married or involved.

2) You have probably been caught out internet dating on the sly before, while married or single.

3) You are not immediately pleasing to the eye - remember beauty or handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder - for goodness sake, give us ladies the opportunity to at least judge for ourselves fairs fair !

4) You are afraid someone you might know, might spot you online.

5) You have something to hide, not sure what.....but it's definitely shady.

"Liked your profile, would like to meet you" said Mr Forward.

I responded " No picture, no interest sorry.... not fair that you have the advantage of seeing me"

Mr F : "I like to keep you ladies in suspense and when I tell you that I'm looking for passionate xxx, you all seem to do a runner"

" ...and that is precisely where you are going wrong and why you remain single. It's all about those first impressions. I'm sure Ms Right is out there somewhere. Good luck with you search", I replied.

"There is no such thing as Ms or Mr Right, I wish you women would just get over all this false advertising and just be up for having some fun !!!!" ranted Mr F.

"You seem so angry "I replied. "I suggest you either lower your potential partner age range or why not pay for some fun. It might be easier and should help you with your anger issues".

He didn't reply.....!

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