Friday, 12 November 2010

So Long LoLo !

I should be saying Happy Friday...but I just can't do today is LL's last day sob.....!

She has spent most of the morning wondering why she drank so much last night and whether her brain can continue to function to the end of the day.

She has also tried to remember blurred conversations that happened last night...the most notable being N's tale of her best friend who was killed by a Great White Shark...random leaving drinks subject matter but hey ho !

Finally, she has also given me that department leavers scarce, of asking me, whether she needed to tell IT that she sort of tipped water on her she managed this I am still trying to figure out !

Right now, thankfully she is having a pizza lunch. Hopefully, it will soak up some of the alcohol, line her stomach and make up for last night's dinner of peanuts and crisps, provided by N.

As LL has the constitution of an industrial waste compressor, I have no doubt she will stagger through to the end of the day, before taking off into the night to meet up with yet more friends for more mischief in of all places.....Swindon !

Bye Bye LL.

Missing you already !


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