Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow Angels, Dating Don'ts and The Longest Journey Home

I'll admit I'm just like a kid around snow. When I awoke this morning to find my garden and the streets surrounding my house, covered in a blanket of white, I couldn't wait to pull on some clothes and make snow angels.

Once I'd finished messing about, I set off to meet GD for lunch. GD was on top form. His new job is going great, he's lost weight and he was full of mischief. He spilled the beans on his latest dates and made me laugh.

Just like C (the female half of my 'Moonlighting' couple, and no, there is still no new update from my favourite almost lovebirds), he shook hands with one of his dates.

Forgive me but since when has shaking hands with anyone you fancy led to romance? Talk about passion killer! Nothing lays your intentions like a continental two cheek kiss! Remember that when you are out and about at your Christmas parties !

I thought my journey home would be quick despite the snow, but oh no.

I got to Victoria Station in time to find out that the rail network had ground to a halt because of the snow. One hour later we were told there would be no trains until further notice.

I caught the Tube to Wimbledon and then managed to slither my way onto the tram. When we got to my tram stop, there were no buses, so I walked home. My entire journey took 3hours 45 minutes.

I love London with a passion, but it still amazes me how a little bit of snow, can cause such havoc with our transport system.

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