Friday, 5 November 2010

Put Them Away Ms Universe !

What makes a woman regularly described as 'stunning', turn up to work dressed in a low cut playsuit in November, drawing extra attention to herself, which have been in equal measures admiring and disapproving.

There is a huge difference in the perception of a woman's dress by the sexes, whereas most of the men in the office, who usually suffer stalk eye syndrome were delighted; LL described me as 'being a prude', when I said that Ms Universe's outfit was
' inappropriate for work'.

LL is one of those ladies who has a unique style and sense of fashion and consequently always looks amazing however, she has never, ever felt the need to put her non-too shabby assets out on display, she lets her work and business acumen do the talking.

Could it be that either MU is an attention seeker, or is she just trying to keep a certain someone dangling, until she is ready to dally with him again !

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