Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Comings and Goings !

It's official JO is expecting - I'm so happy for her ! She is going to be such a great mom, not just because she's adorable, but because she has such a warm, loving way about her.

Her second bombshell which was a sad one for us, is that she is moving back to the States, due to a job opportunity for her husband. Great for them, rubbish for us as we are going to miss her.

S who always sees the best in everything, suggested to JO that she might want to

"...leave some of the clothes you won't be able to fit into anymore behind"

That's what I love about S, no matter how bad things are, she always finds a fashion positive!

Positive is exactly what I am trying to be about L's decision to stick by her cheating boyfriend, despite her friends best efforts.

Yes the very same charmer, who has cheated on her via the internet and in the real world too. That guy. Trust me I am holding back from what I actually want to call him.

As you know I'm a pretty fierce disapprover of cheating.....the only one who ever 'wins' if you can call it that, is the cheater. I've been on the end of it from both sides - as the cheated and the third wheel and all I can say is - welcome to Heartbreak High!

It's absolutely nothing to be proud of and something to be avoided at all costs. You either learn from it, or you bury your head in the sand and keep running on the 'love treadmill' that leads nowhere, with no one to blame but yourself.

Seeing one of your best friends first make the decision to stay with someone you know is absolutely wrong for them, and then watching them trying to work through and rationalise it, is tough.

I'll admit I've not talked to her in a few weeks, because I've had a few family dramas (yes, I don't tell you everything readers!) and I really don't understand her decision.

To be BB blunt, I know she is going to get hurt again, because the guy in question, would literally have to change his DA to be that 'one' guy she's looking for and deserves.

However, I do support L 100% as one of my best friends and because I know I can be beyond judgemental with that

"It is what it is!"

stubborn way I have sometimes,(I blame my Dad - I don't look like him much, but personality wise we are twins!), when we talked finally yesterday, I apologised for being a complete cow to her.

"I'm sorry I was harsh on you, but it is just because I don't understand why you don't value yourself as much as your family and friends do. You deserve better and from what I've seen of this smuck and how he's behaved, he isn't the guy. He doesn't matter, but you do, so I'm going back off about it. I'm just going to let you do your thing and I'll just zip it." I said.

I just about held it together (we've been friends since we were in school!) and I hate it when things are dodgy with us, which luckily is rare.

"Thank you for doing that and its because you are always so honest with me, and always put me first when it comes to this guy stuff and anything else that's going on with me in my life. I know its hard for you, but I have go with this. I know you hate it, but I have to try. I've got to see whether we can figure things out, but this time with what you and everyone has said to me, in the back of my head, not just rose tinted sunglasses." she replied.

"Well if they are this season's Gucci's, then maybe I'll let you off".

We both laughed and carried on catching up just like usual.

It was great to clear the air. I am really worried about her, but I can't save her on this one and maybe she just had to learn the hard way.

Whatever happens, I've got her back.

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