Thursday, 11 November 2010

In Remembrance

I'm sorry but I need to rant about today's two minute silence. The lack of respect by some associates regarding taking two minutes out of their precious liberty-laced, free days was incredibly disappointing.

First, there was a bungled tannoy message so low that not everyone heard it. Joined up thinking would have suggested that an email reminding everyone that the silence was imminent might have been a sensible idea, but no.

Then came the a new recruit who decided it was the perfect time to break the silence with her laptop log on tune.

Even S who I expected much better from, managed to distinguish himself by talking on the phone through the duration of the two minute silence, pausing briefly only to tell the caller on the line,

"I'm in the middle of a two minute silence here! "

Crass at the very least - it was two bloody minutes! Why he couldn't have just said I'll call you back. Hardly rocket science big guy! I was so annoyed I told him off afterwards.

Totally disrespectful from all concerned.

In these troubled times, as our troops continue fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, and thousands of others who have gone before them in WW1 and WWII; they all deserve and should be remembered by us, the ones that stay at home.

We should not forget that their sacrifice has preserved our liberty, freedom of speech and self determination, free from censorship and dictatorship.

Our remembrance of those who have fought and are fighting for us should be regarded as a fundamental to our lives, not an incremental extra to be fitted in around phone calls, emails and the small stuff we waste our lives sweating on!

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