Monday, 8 November 2010

Rainy Monday

There's something about a rainy Monday morning that makes you wonder first, why you have to go to work and second, makes you people watch a little more intently than usual to distract yourself from the crap weather.

In the latte queue (which still remains not half as much as fun since my days of mischief with A!), I overhead typically cute, but attached studmuffin BD talk bout his equally super cute daughter and her swimming lessons.

"She's fearless for a little bit, then she realises she might sink and starts calling to me in case she goes under, but she's doing really well" .

As I put the lid on my hazelnut, caramel latte ( my little piece of morning heaven!), I learnt that S and J are on a break, something which judging from the whiny recollection of he says, she says, from S, J is probably hugely relieved about.

When I finally managed to log onto my laptop ( how does it know to die on Monday first thing?), my day instantly brightened with a message in my inbox from Big D. He is finally, finally back in the land of the mortgage slave and is already missing the freedom of being an adult gap year traveller.

Goodness knows who his latest conquest (s) is/are but no doubt I'll hear all the gory details. It would be nice to think of him 'behaving' for a change, but I don't think he is quite ready to stop being a bow wow just yet !

While Big D continues to do what he does best, Mr Invisible, who I thought I'd finally shaken off, has remerged like a sleepwalking zombie, who can smell its next prey.

I swear among life's many weird moments, one of the biggest ones is why,when you don't like someone, they pursue you regardless. Of course I've done it myself. Haven't we all?

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