Sunday, 7 November 2010

X-Factor, Love or Hate It !

Ok you should never ever try and call me when the X Factor is on.

Ok I'll admit it is my destination tv spot. I don't bother with tv that much during the week, but come Saturday night, there I am like some crazed armchair critic, marking the contestants like some over eager Simon Cowell clone; and I'm just as bad on the Sunday results show.

Right now I'm mad as hell that Treyc - the little woman with 'the big voice', has just been voted off, instead of the devil child Katie, who sings like a strangled foghorn.

This annoying, latern-jawed, media whore, who actually gave up singing halfway through and resorted to sitting on the stage, begging to be saved by the judges, which they duly did.

The lame arse excuse given to vote off Treyc was that she was someone who the public didn't want to see. Completely untrue because I wanted to continue to watch her, along with all the other people who've been voting for her!

For such an apparently unpopular act, her departure has certainly got people's backs up. Twitter is all a flutter !

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Anonymous said...

OMG BB I so agree why is it always the strong black women that get kicked down, have we not struggled enough. I've been following your work for a while now and I have to say that I identify with you and your 'real women' view of the world... Keep up the good work, I see big things happening for you!

Maj xx