Thursday, 11 November 2010

Rant Over and Looking Back !

It's ok, I've stopping ranting now !

So onto the good stuff.

First, and this is me getting a little drippy here - thanks for continuing to read my ramblings.

It is pretty amazing looking back on some of my entries from last year and the beginning on this year and seeing the growth in me both as a person and thankfully in my writing style.....!

If you like what I've been doing remember to pass on the word about your favourite diva's blog to your friends and family. I think I've been stuck on 24 followers for about six months...lets's push those numbers up!

I love hearing from you all (the good stuff and your tellings off when you think I am being a is all truly grounding!) and would love to connect to other people as well.

Now all about was great to see him yesterday. It took me back to all those latte moments as we sat down to lunch together. When I look back at my time with my old company I do it with joy now.

Aside from all the mess with HWMBO, I met and worked with some incredible people and of course got to work with M again!

Sorry for leaving you behind M, but you know I still love you!

A was definitely one of my high points and continues to be a truly amazing friend who I love dearly. He made me laugh like a drain and it was so damn good to see him again. The only downside is that he still doesn't know whether he got the mega job, he recently interviewed for.

A, I have every single body part crossed for you ! If I can spin crap (HWMBO) into gold (my present life), then for you babe for it should be a breeze !!

Big Love


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