Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thanksgiving and Party Belles

First a massive Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers.

I am sending you lots of BB love from a freezing cold London. I wish you all a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving with all your friends and family.

Here in London the temperature has dropped and at work I am surrounded by coughs, colds and more runny noses than you could shake a stick at.

Today I am bundled up in a jeans, thermal vest, t-shirt, cardigan, scarf (and this is just while I'm indoors!). Then of course there's my leather gloves, winter coat and new purple beret. Yep, it's blooming cold here.!

N came over to see if I had persuaded any eligible man under the age of 60 to accompany me to the Movember Gala tonight.

"No, it's a bit pants, but hey right at this moment I am hardly dressed for it!". I said laughing.

"What are you wearing for the Christmas party? " she asked.

Arr... the Christmas party that time honoured tradition of getting trolleyed with your workmates, drinking way too much (not me!) and then trying your best to get through the rest of the night without either snogging someone you shouldn't, telling your boss exactly what you really think of them or throwing up in front of ooh just anyone who happens to be passing by.

Then there's the morning after walk of shame. Not strictly reserved just for those who ended up going home with new 'friends', but also for those who just about made it into work in the morning.

This year's theme is Mad Men, which gives me the chance to release my inner Joan Harris (office manager at Sterling Cooper Draper Price - by the way if if you don't watch the show, you are soooo missing out!).

The theme is a godsend for me because it is all about your hourglass self being literally poured into delicious evening gowns.

Bring on the shopping !

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