Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Shocking Screensaver !

C came down to earth with a crashing thump today, following job triumph yesterday. Her Moonlighting squeeze, has apparently been squeezing someone else and is so enamoured with her, that she is his screen saver on his work laptop.

Her text message interrupted an otherwise mediocre day for me.

"Shit BB, I think B's got some bird's photograph as his screen saver ! OMG! Nooo!"

I had a quick OMG moment and of course laughed my head off - come it was funny!.

Honestly though are these two ever going to sort themselves out?

I read the message again, laughed and then picked up the phone to offer some morale support.

"You always send the best, perfectly timed funny messages ! Now first, calm down. You don't know what the score is with this other lady. I mean she could be his favour glamour model or maybe and actress he fancies. Have you noticed this screen saver before?"

" I don't think so" C replied. "I know what you're saying but my friend is a friend of his friend, and they're going out for a drink so she's going do some digging and find out what's going on. I need to know!".

"You sound like a total nutcase! As I said calm down and just wait and see what happens".

I could tell she was convinced or impressed by my advice...

"I've gotta go", she said closing the conversation.

"Don't worry about it", I almost finished saying before she put the phone down.

Oh dear !

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