Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Latte Angels and Au Revoir !

OMG !! The Latte Angels have answered my prayers and.....guess what?

A will be making a guest appearance at my work tomorrow ! Hooray !! Yes, A is coming to my workplace, for a conference we are hosting ....JOOY!!!

Oh the fun and mischief we will have (well at lunch time anyway!). I can't wait to see him. His arrival should hopefully distract me from the fact that LL is leaving this Friday.

What can I say about LL - meeting her was liking finding my slightly nuttier twin !

She's super clever and crazy silly. She owns probably the fiercest wardrobe and shoe collection ever and my goodness she has make my work life a blast.

We started at the company round about the same time and bounded over inefficient systems (she didn't get paid for two months, and I managed to get paid for four days).

Over the following months, I got to know and like her tons - she's like this force of nature that should have a hurricane rating all of her own !

No matter how rubbish things are, she just deals with them - sure there's been the odd weeping willow moment every now and then (but hell we've all had those) and when I first arrived here I missed A and M so much, she was the one person who understood me the way they did.

Now she's buggering off.

1) To escape the boss from hell (a nit-picking HWMBO clone!)

2) because life is short and dog sledging in Finland and spending Christmas in Paris sure beats working!

Foot and Mouth moment of the day goes to Ms Thang who managed to tell size 8 J, that she had put on weight since she joined the company.

Cue gasps from the rest of us and a flicked ear (me flicking hers, she deserved it, she was totally ruuddde!) for being so ruthlessly frank about J, who has the kind of figure most women would kill for; even if they owned it for just a few hours!

Her F & M moment continued when she reminded Mr Mom how old he was, by saying his hearing isn't the greatest. R let Ms Thang have it.

"Maybe we need to contact the embassy to get them to revoke your visa. There are three things we ladies don't talk about in this country, weight, age and money. Time for you to Sssh now !"

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